Font Options
  • 630+ web optimized Google fonts
  • Font subsets for faster loading times
  • Size, weight, letter and word spacing control
  • Adjust website base line height
  • Individual settings for each element
  • Each language can have different fonts

Advanced Typography and Font Options!

The extended font settings, that come with Pavilion allow you to control every single piece of text in your web store. You can change font family, style and size, or set letter and word spacing. All elements will have their line height automatically set based on font size and a global line height, which you can change.

Pavilion gives you the option to use both system and 630+ free Google fonts to bring a unique look to your website. All custom fonts can be subset (latin, cyrillic etc.) and use only the characters that you actually need and thus reducing loading times.

Individual font options are available for each content block and Page Builder row for more styling flexibility.