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Why Choose Pavilion?

OpenCart Page Builder

Page Builder

Advanced drag & drop page design builder for OpenCart. Any complex layout is now possible to be build in a couple of minutes. No coding skills or programming knowledge are required!

OpenCart Custom Modules

20+ Custom Blocks

Enrich your store with many unique content elements. They support a myriad of features that will turn every static website into a delightful customer experience.

OpenCart Style Editor

Style Editor

You can control margin and padding for each element, set border and border radius, apply multiple shadows and attach image, linear or radial backgrounds.

OpenCart Menu Composer

Menu Composer

Quickly build your custom store navigation! Create simple or mega menus by combining categories, information and system pages, external links or custom HTML dropdowns.

OpenCart Fire Slider

Fire Slider

Enjoy an advanced content and image slider with video support and animated captions. Create elegant fixed dimensions, full width or full screen sliders in no time!

OpenCart Product List Styles

Product List Styles

Choose between 3 different list styles, set element spacing, button design and position, add product box and thumbnail hover states, change products per row for specific resolutions.

OpenCart Custom Header

8 Header Variations

Everyone has their own view on how the header should look like. Choose the one that best matches your store style. More combinations are about to come!

OpenCart Custom Product Page

Custom Product Pages

Easily change the OpenCart product page layout. Choose between several variants with different content elements position and configure thumbnail size, zoom images and options design.

OpenCart Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Optimized for speed! Various frontend optimizations to maximize user experience. Built-in content and categories server cache. Fast performance with large databases.

OpenCart Sticky Header

Sticky Header

Make your site quicker to navigate! Your customers will have an always accessible navigation menu with minimalistic design that will spare vertical spacing.

OpenCart Unlimited Colors

Unlimited Colors

Extensive color control over the entire web store! You can change the text, background or border color of every single element. The color inheritance functionality will save your time.

OpenCart 400+ Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts

Boost your site with 630+ web optimized Google fonts with customizable style, size, letter or word spacing. Set a global line height and all elements will be automatically adjusted.

OpenCart Sample Data

Sample Data

Insert all demo products and settings with one click! You can now setup your store in minutes and start selling!

OpenCart Multi-store Ready


With full multi-store support, you can have different colors and fonts, style individually each website area, create custom layouts, page content and sidebars.

OpenCart Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Pavilion is designed to support devices with different resolutions. Your store will look nice on smartphones and tablets, laptop or desktop computers.

OpenCart Touch Optimized

Touch Optimized

Theme supports touch swipe gestures in sliders, carousels or galleries. Hover events are handled for dropdown menus as well. No more worries about usability on mobile devices.

OpenCart Live Edit

Live Edit

No more save and refresh! You can make changes to colors or fonts, modify navigation, style pages, use Page Builder and see all the changes right away.

OpenCart 3rd party module compatibility

3rd party module compatibility

Pavilion is not limited to use Page Builder built-in blocks only. You can easily use any OpenCart module. All default styling options are available here as well!

Pavilion Theme Support

Multi-language ready

All theme added features support multiple languages where appropriate. E.g. a text block can have separate values and be enabled/disabled for different languages.

OpenCart RTL Language Support

RTL Languages

Full right-to-left language (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) support. Language direction is auto detected and works out of the box with no additional modifications.

Pavilion Theme Support

Free support & updates

Our dedicated team of professionals will do whatever it takes to fix any possible issues that may come up, or help our customers, if they need any 'how to' guidance.

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