Product Listing Styles
  • 3 different visual styles
  • Set products per row and spacing
  • Product and thumb hover effects
  • Custom labels
  • Different 'Add to cart' button styles
  • Control elements visibility

Customize your product listing up to the smallest detail!

You can choose between 3 different list styles: plain - no visual separation between different products; bordered - products are separate by a subtle border; separate each product is an individual box with background color. You have also the option to set different add to cart/wishlist/compare design and position; add product box and product thumbnail hover states; change products per row and spacing between products.

The unique "elements visibility" feature, give you the power to control, which product element to show or hide for a specific product listing for a given state. E.g you can leave only product thumbnails visible by default and show all other information on mouse hover.

The combinations are unlimited!

3 List Styles

Products can be shown with no visual separation between, divided by a subtle border or as an individual box with background color.

Adaptive Layout

Number of products per row and spacing can be set as rules for a specific resolution. Each product list will adjust automatically depending on its container width or screen size.

Hover Effects

Easily set fancy effects on product and thumbnail hover. You have on your disposal basic append, fade-in or card flip overlay animations.

Button Styles

Pavilion allows you to change add to cart, compare and wishlist button style, size and position. Additionally you have the option to put a custom icon for each of the buttons.

Custom Labels

Special products can have a stylish label with the discount percent. You can also specify a period for which all latest items will have a label that will mark the product as “New”.

Elements Visibility

Choose which product element to be shown by default or on hover only. This feature is combined with the hover effects option.